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Workshops with Emily Nudd-MitchellActivities ...
During these workshops, I'll share tips with you to reach educational goals in a playful way :
> 3 steps 
(total two hours) 
- The book 
Slide show and comments of key pages of my books,
- Talk together
Discuss about current events,
- Drawing 
Tips for everyone to practice.

> Workshops in English, French or Spanish.
> Photo : Workshop at the Lycée Français of Barcelona

Workshops :

> History, Geography and Public spirit

En route vers Bagdad (8-12 years old)
Let's go to Bagdad
About : a young boy at VIII century's Bagdad discovers the great Arabic Inventions. 

Workshop write and draw : Arabic inventions, Book ornementation.
Talk : learn more about today Arabic civilisation.

Missions byzantines (8-12 years old)
Byzantine missions
Recommended by French Ministry of Education 
About : a young embassador fights against the terrific Queen Irene's plots at Byzance.

Workshop write and draw : realise a byzantine art piece.
> Talk : learn more about Byzance, icons, politics and visual communication.

Afrique, droit à l'enfance (12-15 years old)
Africa, the right to childhood
About : 11 African children tell us about their daily life.

Workshop write and draw : african notebook, portraits.
Talk : Inmigration, human rights, respect.
Book with CD : famous texts read by actors ("I've got a dream" Martin Luther King).

> Environment

Jardin d'insectes (6-12 years old)
Garden of insects
About : a funny portrait of 15 insects, to meet and respect them better.

Workshop write and draw : introduction to the entomologist notebook. 
Talk : ecology.
Book with CD, "portrait songs" about these 15 insects. (french)

> Write and Draw/Illustration

Le loup et le hérisson (6-10 years old) 
The wolf and the hedgehog
Bilingual tale : French and Arabic
About : a wolf defies a farmer in his patch. A tale to grow-up. 

Workshop write and draw : write and illustrate a tale.

Los viajes de Emily - travel notebook (adults, teenagers, children)
Emily's trips 
About : families' daily life in Senegal, Egypt, Yemen, Istanbul. 
Book at the height of current events.

Workshop write and draw : realise a travel notebook.
Talk : how do we live currently in Arabic countries?
... A portrait of my town (8-16 years old, adults)
About : following the book "Los viajes", we'll represent our town, drawing and writing.
Workshop write and draw : realise an original portrait of our town, in classroom or downtown. 
> supervised children, teenagers, adults.

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