Let's go around !

It was going to rain.
But I had never seen the Granja castle, a copy of Versailles. A French couldn't miss it !
And a French is used to the rain...
I was right : it was raining on the village, and sunny in the garden.
The park is beautiful, just like Versailles, but in the mountain.
There are games imported from French Court, games of borred rich people.
Back to the village, I was told :
"Don't worry, storms stay in the mountain..."
But paf ! It felt right on us ! A lot !
Tell me about storms staying in the mountain, such a good one !
Back to Madrid where it's sunny, logic, I climb up Correos' tower.
It's all brand new!
Your mission, if you accept it : draw quickly before guards throw you out
And down, a telecommunications' cathedrale,
now cultural center, with a place to rest and speak :
"Of course you can still have children! Look at Carla Bruni !"
Walking home, I hear an old man shouting at me: "Never get married, do you hear me ? It's useless, you'd be losing your time !"
So many sentences floating in the air, but not all true !

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