Skyscrapers - Madrid

Madrid's architecture really is fascinating. The "Everything is possible" town, no fear, giving an amazing result. We can deeply feel the Iberian presence on the façades : pride, magnitude, assertion.
Architecture is the reflect of a personality full of pride and toughness.
So when you get to see these fantastic skyscrapers on Madrid's skyline, you come to dream to go up once. Hopefully, at once, the dream comes true...
Above : 4 emblematic Madrid's skyscrapers from the Kio Tower.
Below : Espacio Tower just before I went on the top of it… The lift rushes up so fast, the body fights against height effects… Strange effect. Up there, you can see the sunset on the mountains, and all the lights turned on little by little just like fireflies…

Madrid is hiding treasures, like this view of the Bernabeu Stadium from another skyscraper here...

From the statue's feet, I have a perfect point of view on the towers' perspective… and the ambulances' dance. Just behind me, the children hospital "Peace".
Drawing the towers while winter night's approaching makes me freezing. I rush in the closest bar, and realise it's the hospital's. Children are sliding on their rolling-drip-set.
It's crowdy there, and there aren't that much tables. A family sits by my side. Gipsies with a proud forehead and strong eyes. A  couple, weather-beaten old man, and black hair clenched teeth old woman – two big guys follow them. A blond woman joins up. Suddenly, one of the tall guys jumps with shaking shoulders, and cracks up in tears.
Then the others are unable to keep theirs anymore, they start to cry, but silently, proudly.
The young blond lady dries her big blue eyes and supports the others with a strong look : "Didn't you hear what the doctor said : for the child, everybody's here, doctors, nurses, everybody, everybody. But for the family… We have to be strong."

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