Lyon Vaise : a nice piece of universe

Vaise : a nice area. Green is its colour, an hopeful green as we say in French, "vert espérance".
Full of building works : it's being restructured, like my home sweet home. The camel bringing my scanner hasn't arrived yet. A great opportunity to live like a nomad, a bit of Bohemia to end well summertime...

Vaise ! Lyon, up left... I love this place ! First of all, we speak a bit of spanish, arabic, chinese, a bit of everything...
We can find back these cultures in the atmosphere there, at the market, in front of shops, at the library. It's like a sample of the world, a real piece of the universe (or peace ? We like words games here in Lyon !).
Hopeful green "vert espérance" is the colour of Universe.

For example, last week, a man saw me suffering with a cherrytree cupboard (cherrytree is really heavy !) and in less than a second, he hoisted it on his car roof. 
He's from Cairo, he speaks about Egypt, he lights up and forgets klaxonns of people moaning about us blocking the street : we're already overthere, in the golden light, hearing the same klaxonns who never stop at Cairo : we forget them ! 
He helps me pushing the cupboard without even noticing, between memories of egyptian tea and Nile felucca.  And he barely accepts my thanks. Inspired by Isabell Seidel's post, I offer him two drawings. Choukran !

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