Pierre Soulages


Discovering Pierre Soulages, the painter of Black, during a by night session... A dream comes true thanks to Beaux Arts de Lyon Museum, during the exhibition of this impressive painter, master of light and black. I knew his black paintings, I discovered his black and white, blue and black...

People were stunned by his paintings, they seemed to mix themselves with this fantastic sober decor which gives a great place to imagination. My favourite moment : a woman in turquoise blue and red, a nearly electric Marianne, in front of a blue and black canvas. A live masterpiece of art without even knowing it.

After that, we see the daily decor another way, with new colors : just like Picasso and Chagall who put blue and green on skins and walls. A different light. Actually, there's a fantastic naked woman with red stockings by Picasso, so realistic, from before he began to play with shapes "it reminds people who he is..." says a fan of the Malaga painter.  public washing machine

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