"Todo cambia, everything changes" by Mercedes Sosa

Fiesta peruana

A nice peruvian party in Lyon, to celebrate two girls going back overseas.

We speak a lot in French, a bit in Spanish. The two main characters of tonight are about to fly back to their native land Cañón del Colca (such a magic place, with mountains where condors fly !)  
Meanwhile, they make us try coca leaves' sweets, it's a bit strong. And tada, they put on their traditional  dress and dance for us, so softly, throwing kisses in the air with their hands. Lovely.  

Later, Gustavo, a bolivian artist, plays his guitar and sings for us a classic one,  "cambia, todo cambia" de Mercedes Sosa. He tells us in French that it's the inmigrates song, that everything changes : one day you go away, another day you go back home, and you never know what is next.

This song is a nice sum-up of what we feel tonight, some are happy to go back home, but feel nostalgic to leave France, and the others who stay may be a bit homesick...

The song ends this way : "What changed yesterday will change again tomorrow, as I do change the same way in this land so far away." 

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