Urban Sketchers France meeting

usk-lyon- Berges du Rhone

This week end was the first Urban Sketchers France meeting in Lyon, south of France. 100 drawers came from all over the country, and even Belgium ! We invaded Gaul capital to draw together and get to know each other. 

usk-lyon- La veille du meeting

We begun the day before, Jean-Marc Hincky (de la Réunion, Indian Ocean), Gérard Michel and Fabien Denoël (de Liège, Belgium), the Lyonnais, Sylvie and Cath (south centre), Tazab and Emilie (de Clermont-Ferrand), Vincent Desplanches (de Toulouse), Julie Blaquié (de Bordeaux), Pierre Valette (Alps)...

Architects, painters, illustrators, web designers, teachers and fans of drawing.
French, Belgian, Spanish, and even South America ! 

usk-lyon- Départ Hotel de ville

Actually we even learnt a new spanish word thanks to Alejandra from Venezuela: "Chevere !" fantastic !

The big meeting was on saturday morning : at last we could give a face to all the drawers met on groupe flickr and blog Urban Sketchers France. We had shared drawings on internet, now we can see them live, at the café. We drew together around the whole Croix Rousse block, even in a japanese sketchbook for all.

usk-lyon- Place Sathonay

usk-lyon- Croix Rousse

At night, we had the restaurant full just with us ! And drawing again ! It was so cold outside, we could appreciate the cosy warmness in the restaurant, sharing sketchbooks again. With accent please ! What a shame we can't hear regions accents in comments on Flickr !  

usk-lyon- Evening restaurant

Sunday morning, sketchers brochette down the cathedral Saint Jean. Gérard Michel shares perspective tips with us.

usk-lyon- Saint Jean

Short watercolour in the Vieux Lyon block, with gloves, just frizzing... june the 1st !

usk-lyon- Vieux Lyon

We end at the café where we begun. The boss asks for his portrait !

usk-lyon- Bar la gargouille

Joël, who's from Perou and lives in Paris, says we can feel respect for the art of drawing in France.
usk-lyon- Portraits

Of course we're not so sad when it's over as we know the Symposium in Barcelona is coming soon ! A huge conversation about it all this week end long... Nos vemos en Barcelona !

usk-lyon- Plans for this summer

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