Music + Atmosphere = Funny drawing technique


What's going on?
That's because of music ! Hang on, I'll tell you how it begun... 

Well it's been a while, you know, I've always had neighbors who sing, some rockers, some sopranos, even an actress from Gran Via (Broadway in Madrid, Spain). Their voices influence us, even their singing exercises at the beginning "aaaaAAAAAaaaa" (such as the Castafiore or Michael Jackson)

But in all a sudden, no more singers! 
Now my neighbor is a musician. The singing exercice is now a violin creaking, but it's still the same : it means let the concert begin, awesome ! I take my pencil and prick my ears up. Switch off the radio, babe, 'cause angels are our guests today ! And now you'll see how it all influences our drawings, some in a sad way, some in an atomic way...

It's such a gift. When I come back from Spain, my neighbor plays  Carmen with his clarinet. Ma qué it's tremendous... I don't even notice I draw the building as white as the houses in the south of Spain! (ho, ho, this building is usually pink...) 

Lyon - On entend Carmen

Sometimes I don't feel like switching off my music. This makes the weirdest musical sandwich. For instance :

Formidable de Stromaé (the clip is not bad!) 
Mendelssohn by Anne Sophie Mutter (my neighbor, but without orchestra...)

Look at that, another neighbor has put fluorescent sheets to dry outside, let's try a Stromaé Mendelssohn Sagar !

Lyon - Les draps verts

All right.
Now another try at bar. There's a guy, he's from Réunion island, he sings, he pulls people's legs outside the bar... I hide myself but no way "OH HELLO A'TIST!"... 

Singing Réunion accent
+ Singing colors on his shirt
= Interpretation of a summer bar (And don't forget, really important in France, fresh one or a pastaga)

Lyon "On est à Satho"

Another modern recipe :

+ graphic tablet
= What an exotic flat I get ! (and an exotic reflection on the lamp !)


I think I would have enjoyed learning how to play the music when I was a child !
Ok let's do it again, take your pencil !


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celia burgos said...

Es fantástico Emily! Esres una fuente de inspiración!!!