A little roadtrip to Burgundy...


Sketchy week-end, I'm meeting June and Valérie in Paris for a roadtrip to Burgundy. Well, the Indian trail went wrong, we're choked with cars. But at least I saw the Marne river for the first time in my life ! Finally we reach the vineyards... And I don't feel lost, it's all like Normandy, even the accent !


First day at Auxerre with Valérie, Anne-Carole, Christine, and June.
We met at the Usk France meeting in Lyon, then again at the Barcelona symposium, and here we are again ! Urban sketchers, such a good way to go on holidays with unknown people: sketching-couch-surfing. 


Following day at Tonnerre, like Normandy again : half-timbering and upside-down-boats-roofs !


The town was built around a big hole, a fantastic mineral spring which is 15 ms deep... Some speleos went down there and never came back... We'd better ask Cat what she thinks (she draws in the caves ^^) !
Christine tells us nobody knows where it comes from, even the administration has no answer :  it's not Lourdes, but might be !


Anyway, in Burgundy, if there's a lack of water, no problem...
It's the first time I draw perfumes and flavours, above all for wine. Oups, sorry,  "nez" !


I told you it looks like my home place, there's even celtic music !
Yogan and the dancer Maëlle really turned Tonnerre on.


Last glance at the vineyards and run, catch the train...


Christine Deschamps photos (Atelier de la timbale photostream flickr)
Thanks for this nice sketching time :)


Christine DESCHAMPS said...

Un magnifique article qui me fait revivre un peu de ce super week-end en votre joyeuse compagnie à toutes. Merci à vous d'être venues et à toi pour ce compte rendu en anglais, qui m'évitera d'avoir à dérouiller mes vieux restes... Bises et à bientôt, pour de nouvelles (brochettes...) aventures !

Emily Nudd Mitchell said...

Merci Christine, c'était génial, à très bientôt !