Clermont Ferrand, the travel sketchbook festival - 2013

Clermont2013 Theia photo

Clermont2013 mon stand photo

Nice sharing again at Clermont-Ferrand, meeting people, getting some visits... 
Beginning at my place. I was showing my work about majestic rivers, sush as the Seville Guadalquivir's riverside unfolded on a large leporello sketchbook.
And I even portraited my neighbours !



Clermont2013 Sebastian Loerscher Vincent Desplanche photo

And this actually was before the festival begins ! At the train station, which we were asked to sketch with Sebastian Loerscher and Vincent Desplanche...




Clermont2013 Marina Girardi photo

On saturday evening there's a dinner for the festival artists. We draw ourselves with Marina Girardi. And as a professionnal terrorist, she throws colourful bombs on my sketchbook ! We end portraiting Gildas Chasseboeuf with 4 hands. It's been pictured by Véronique Massenot, well we also drew her with Bruno Pilorget and Marc Abel : 3 artists who got prizes for their fantastic book Salaam Palestine !



par Véronique Massenot - Souvenir de Crayon Ferrand


Urban sketchers were there too, olé ! About 50 people from the festival to the cathedral roof, just sketching, sketching, and sketching again...


Here we are, it's gone so quickly ! But Lapin's fond of sketching old cars, so we give him company sketching an old Dauphine by night ! (with TazabCat Gout, Fab Denoël, Gérard Michel, Swasky, Santi, Miguel Herranz, Luis Ruiz, and of course Lapin !)

Well, 2 am at Clermont Ferrand, not that cold !


Clermont2013 Dauphine photo

We were grateful to Aldebaran, he had cooked a tasty mique ! I discovered a French speciality !

And the day after was rainy. So guess what, we went to draw again...


Clermont2013 Michelin photo

A DS - a centipede - to try the wheels...

It's been awesome, special thanks to IFAV for this great festival and to Tazab for the Urban sketchers tour organisation !

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