CHRD urban promenades, let's discover Lyon differently with Resistance before the D Day

CHRD - Prison St Paul

During the week-ends, CHRD museum takes you around Lyon with Jean Moulin. Guides are so passionate, each pause is about a little story about Lyon at Resistance. They show us posters, pictures of people or squares, ain't changed that much ! 

CHRD - Jean Moulin

Carnot square, near Marianne sculpture, people used to ask for the Republic back. And that's just around the corner that Jean Moulin had his hideout. Always with two exits, not that easy, except in Lyon's traboules !

To get Resistance red ready, they needed money, a lot, which was launched down with parachutes.  Daniel Cordier, who helped Jean Moulin, wasn't even twenty : "you push his nose, milk rose" tells us our guide. He was hidding it in his bike's cases. Once he had to leave the bike for a minute and decided to keep the cases with himself. When he came back, no bike more, little resistance gesture to have kept the cases...

CHRD - Resistants du Centre de Lyon

Our guide tells us that memory work is not easy. The exhibition Fashion during the war couldn't have been shown before. Transmission comes after digestion. 

CHRD - La Gestapo

Another day we went to the Croix Rousse, the rebel block of Lyon. There was a man with us, the grandson of a clandestine papers' printer. It really was moving. At the CHRD museum you can see a printing press, quite hard to hide...

CHRD - Les traboules de la Croix Rousse

Later she tells us about a man who remembers during the war, he was asking his Swiss father why they had so many people sharing their dinner, never the same ones. No worries, son, they're just friends. Well they really had many of them !"

A bit further : "Here was the underwear boutique of France Pejot, wife to be of  Maurice Jarre, the great movie music compositor. Soldiers didn't dare enter in such a place, they were too shy. Women knew it and always hide clandestine tracts under their lacery !"

CHRD - Naissance d'un réseau de Résistance

Before the gipsy punk I promised, let's listen to gipsy jazz of that time... 

If you like it you should read "Folles de Django" by Alexis Salatko, well you'll see ! I think that's the right time to think about my grandfather who wasn't neither French and landed on Utah Beach along with the 2ème DB. I always look for him on these pictures. There's been a wedding on the 1944, june the 6th at Sainte Mère l'Eglise in Normandy, now you see everything is possible.

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