Last night, the sun rose-up !

The demonstration begins surrounding the Atocha round-about, important trafic place of Madrid. Three helicopters fly over us : nice atmosphere !
Many people already, and live broadcast on internet done thanks to i-phones up on broomsticks.
A man who was injured by the riot police holds the word "PEACE", old people knock on pans with their stick... Clear message : all the generations are in the street, and the police keeps low profile.
But just in case, we're given stickers with "VERY FRAGILE" on them to put on our face.

We go up the Castellana, main avenue of Madrid, walking backwards, "backwards against this system !" : "Vamos de culo con este sistema !"
The crowd suddenly shuts up, arriving in front of the Department of the interior. Magistral silence !
All the hands rise up and shake in the air, holding carnation flowers, without noise...

Then a big scream : crowd boos the minister, hissing out loud. "Less police, more education !"
"There's not enough bread for so much chorizo (bribes)!"

Someone shouts : "Vamos a Sol !" Let's go to Sol !
And the crowd takes it up "Vamos a Sol, que la plaza no es del papa !"
"Let's go to Sol, cause it's not the pope's place !"

Now the 200 000 people move on, singing "Then they'll say we were 5 or 6 !"
Going up to Sol, a great feeling shakes people. The atmosphere was so strange this week ! Madrid was far too silent...

The whole crowd sings : "TONIGHT THE SUN (SOL) WILL RISE-UP !"

People reach Sol square laughing, hugging, kissing. They stick posters everywhere and start assemblies again. It's back on !
Till where does it have to go ?
My photographer friend Carlotta took lots of pictures since the beginning of 15M : flickr Carlotta Tofani.
Even me drawing ! Also drew her actually :)

And here the tracts we were given during the demonstration :

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