Sol - meetings again

In Madrid, we can see season's graffiti like this one (portrait of Madrid Region president, whose name is Hope...).
Also twitter keys as #nopararemos (#we ain't stop), and other agressive sentences such as those seen on Segovia bridge : "Bankers, jump ! Politics, jump !".
At Sol, meetings start again at 8pm. The first speaker smiles "Wonderful to see you back here guys !".
Talks about vote, elections, pope's visit...
One of the speakers ends his speach : "Better risk to lose than losing without risking at all."
Sometimes, silence gets long between two speakers. An old chap shakes a sign to keep us focused : "They call it democracy and it ain't one !"
The most impressive is an old lady, Angustias, who gives her advice in a tough castillan !
"So good to see you all gathered here, as carnation flowers ! (Portuguese pacific revolution.)
Pope's visit : he'd better stay in Italy, bloody hell !
And won't they dare come to tell us Spain is poor. Ought to have huge paints to face this !
And don't turn the second cheek !
With Vatican's money, they could turn off hunger of all the children in the world !
Better hold up hands than living on our knees like them.
Just wish a Jesus would come just as they tell us so in the Bible...
Open the eye, and the good one,
as your sight also can lie..."
I was with Toño and friends, his drawings here.

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