35th Sketchcrawl - Malaga - Spain

So crazy ! Crossing Spain by bus, from Madrid to Malaga, just for one and only day: Sketchcrawl day, the international drawing meeting "let's draw all together, each one in its place, but all around the world..."
Thank you so much to Malaga's urban sketchers for its warm welcome ! Luis Ruiz shows us beautiful houses, he's an arquitect and we enjoy it ! 
Above, Sagar Fornies and Cristina Urdiales in front of a villa full of tropical trees.
From Madrid to Malaga, across Spain... Makes me feel like listening to Keren Ann...

...We cross a mills forest - Cervantes' ones Iberdrola's, a few ghost villages (already plenty of switched-on street lamps, but no house around...) and a place called desempeñaperros - which means the mountain where we throw the dogs down... Hoping they're not spanish clichés.

Along the road, on the hills, we can see toro and tio Pepe's silouhettes, two ads for local wines... what about the donkey ?

Malaga !
We find an old paper shop. A friend of mine has been searching all around Madrid for graphite pencils Caran d'Ache, impossible to find !! And hop, miracle, in Malaga for middle price !
On the beach, andalouse tradition : he explains me that the first time you see the sea after wintertime, you should put a bit of its water on your face... Done !
Bars are still traditionnal, awesome. 

The fish market, worth a painting. Fish sellers are so good at organising their products, with love, poetry, and such an artistic sense. Comments seem to be included in the price...
One of them sings : " Have you seen what we offer, girl ? Yes, yes, my fish is so fresh ! It's from Malaga, as I keep on telling you ! Direct from the sea, ya ya ya ! They still have the mouth open, they're from today, come-on beauty, buy them, nenaaaaaa !"
A delivery boy stops by and harangues :
- Hey, they already came to draw yesterday ! But why are they drawing you, the ugliest one of the market ?? 
- They honour me !
- Well, we'll see if you look better on the paper !
- Hey, something fell down. 
- A 10 bocks note !
- Well that's also paper, that's also falling down...
Such a cheeky market !

Another Keren Ann song...

Do you know we call the beer "victory" in Malaga ? Perfect to celebrate sketchers meeting again.
Malaga is beautiful, with such an history. In the garden, we can read an arabic poet verses, Ibn Said : "Oh my dear Malaga, where are your towers, your belvederes ? I took up to the pure stars my generous wine glass thousand of times overthere !"
Each time I see the sea, I remember autobiographiques tellings from Delacroix and Monnet practicing waves' drawing. 
They used to do it in Normandy, which was sure more wavy. Monnet tells he was painting directly in the water. And the sea - so petty ! - she dared to steal some of her portraits, sweeping away all his tools !
I admire how the other sketchers figure it, Cristina, Sagar, Luis Ruiz (and his boats !), Miguel Herranz, Inma Serrano, and Luis Simoes who's going to be travelling for 5 years ! A dream-come-true !
Malaga by night is surrounded of fireflies off the coast. Must be a weird life aboard, in a Corto Maltese way !
At Malaga, we meet truculent characters ! 
Picasso's doubles with an authentic costume, almonds sellers with great cap, motorbikers with fantastic noise, and traditional dancers, young ones ! Tradition is a treasure in the area !
Last look at the city, fun and sexy city !
(Just have a look at the boat's names, amazing yate digo !)
Trip back by bus.
During our outward journey, we saw Cordoba's sport superstore Décathlon. On our way back, we can see Granada's Repsol big ads...
Still, seeing the Alhambra so tiny, golden jewel above an emerald setting, amazing ! 

You can see more about Malaga here : http://malaga2016ciudaddelparaiso.blogspot.com.es/


Luis Ruiz said...

Emily! just one day? It seems you spent four months in Málaga! Not only your sketchbook pages are really beautiful, but they also show perfectly the spirit of the city. A malagueño is telling you, congrats! (I wish you have more time next time you visit us)

Emily Nudd Mitchell said...

Thank you so much, Luis, for your warm welcome and sharing your town, showing nice places ! It's been amazing ! I wish to come back ! Cheers !!!