Easter at fire... in Madrid !

Enjoy a last sunrise while going to work...
They're amazing in Madrid ! They make grey buildings look colourful and beautiful... 
Planes let a long foggy path, taking away the people on holidays. They just ignore they could discover fantastic spots just around the corner ! 

Hop, let's invite ourselves to Sorolla's house, the impressionist spanish painter. Admire his working place, huge, high, perfect for big paintings and canvas ; admire above all his simple and happy life with his muse and wife Clotilde.
Listen to flamenco in an old restored bar.

Go by suburb train to Aranjuez, have a bit of chorizo below squirrels watching us chickily, near peacocks watching us haugtily. Feeling pitiful for a one leg black swann, thinking weirdly to the Black Swann movie.

Finally come back with flowers in the hair, by the same suburb train. And a cute lamb neighbour... Easter is over : he's safe !

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