What I prefer at Barcelone is just walking to discover little treasures just around the corner.
Or just seating in a bar to capture the atmosphere.
For example, today, a 40 years old man mourns in his coffee :
"They make me work on a Saturday, and they barely pay me by the way... Looks like they're going to paint their wall by themselves. And they even shout at me ? A 45 years old buddy like me... I swear you should only take care of people feeding you. The others are just clowns, I can tell you !"

Another character is begging on the same street where I saw him last year. God knows he's speaking well, and a lot.
I'm eating in the same bar, and he's still here.
I'm not confortable eating near him, food is sad suddenly.
And imagine they traduced badly "bon appétit", they put "bon profit" which in French means "Have a nice income"... (ups! Cesar tells me bon profit means bon appétit in Catalan, what a good quiproquo!)

Barcelone is highly Art Nouveau in a lot of places. Till inside the bars. Even if it's really nice, I find it even nicer with people telling stories inside.
I imagine their lives, I listen to their little sentences...
And this day, a gift: twin sisters, 1 in 2 to draw!

And the best ice-cream in the world !
On the beach of Somorrostro.
- Hi ! Do you make the ice-creams by yourself ?
- No my love, I don't do anything myself ! I'm just a nothing guy ! 
- Hard to believe : you seem to be a bit poet. And you're working in a gorgeous office !
- Yes, I'm working in the horizon. 
- And what's your name ?
- Jordi. (Typical name in Barcelone !) Well, I'm totally from the down town Sagrada Familia's tribe. Catalan 100%. So, which flavour for the ice-cream ?
- Pistachio.
- And that's all ? It would feel a bit alone, no ? Come on, a bit of chocolate peppermint for the ride. Just like that, hop, it's on me, it's the hearty ice-cream, the sophiest one, as sophie means truth in greek, and I love greek...

And that's how you get the best ice-cream in the world inside the horizon!

I also really appreciated :
- having a workshop at the Lycée Français,
- drawing with Urban Sketchers of Barcelone :  drawings here y here!

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