Madrid, it's over !

The end of the madrilene adventure is already downcounting...
It's time to enjoy the town more than ever ! 
And great, we just drew my favourite place with the 
Madrid Urban Sketchers group.
Sorolla's house.
I drew all I like about him : his pincels, his antique radiator, 
his wife portrait, his butterflies collection, 
his model sailing boat...
A French guy says "Well, there'an't Ikea at this time !"
There's also a young generation of drawers : 
so cool to come with children!
Sorolla's colours... Sorolla's colours !
The whole Spain in yellow and purple...

We can also draw Madrid in black and white at the top
 of a skycraper, on a piece of enveloppe, when we forget
 our sketchbook... fenomenal !

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