De vuelta con el cuaderno - Huesca - Cinema Sketching


Let's go for 3 weeks of workshops in Spain...

First with Clara Marta from the design school of Saragosse. She organises every year a meeting of drawers about a theme : this year, cinema sketching. 
Rendez-vous at Huesca, in a fantastic set, nearly the Great Canyon !


And you'd better watch out, we have to fill an entire sketchboook ! An accordeon one made by Choni Naudin. So I try my fountain pens in the morning down town...


A kiosco, an old shop (said to be the oldest one in Europe !) I'm keen on spending time spying people's conversations at the café. This morning, presentation of the neighbour's baby : "It's totally her mother, face and bad mood..." 


At night, great debates about drawing. I' like to keep them all in my sketchbook but they don't fit. Antonio suggests me "Turn the book !"


Another conversation spyed at the casino : "Of course, he's just killing and killing with the crisis ! " (I got scared with this one, but I forgot it's pork meat land here !)


During the conferences, the show is everywhere : here, Yvonne Blake shows her costumes, while us in the assistance draw her, even Monica Cid with her ipad. It's tomorrow's sketchbook !


Back to the terrasse, speaking about material and having a drink, it's Spain, Hombre !


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