Huesca's cathedral - My fav'


The gentle women at the entrance volunteer and really look beneficial. "You should come back to finish your drawing, sweetie." That's how I spent so much time drawing this energetic place.  


A Corean couple runs the café just in front. They can't stop pulling my leg, and they serve spanish food in their asiatic style restaurant, lov' it ! From the terrasse, I can't miss fantastic group photos in front of the majestic door. Once, the X-files music rang out the stoop, it was a nun's mobile phone !


It's the tower that I prefer. To go upstairs, you have to hold on tight, so tiny tiny. In the morning, I had drawn little pieces of papers flying in the street. For now on it reminds me of Miguel Gallardo and his daughter Maria. I stop a bit to draw the spiral staircase, now it looks like if the pieces of paper were flying in the tower with the swallows, and that would be nice... 


On the top of the tower, we dominate mountains. People down in the street are singing out loud, children laughing. Feels like a movie, would be great to live here... 


Suddenly, without any warning, BONNNNNG ! It's noon : n°1 law, don't draw near the bells...

Visitors come by, Compostela pilgrims even "climb" upstairs with their rucksack. Then 3 teenagers : "Of course you have tweeter, and you have followers, we follow you, no lie ! - Well that's a good one, caus' I don't even know what tweeter is ! I swear I don't have tweeter !"


I stay enough time up there (as far as possible of the bells) to capture the birds ballet in the sky, wonderful. A real air Swan Lake as a matter of fact...

Back downstairs, I copy the fishes on the japanese prints at the Corean café. Then I go to the little zoo to draw live fishes and ducks with a fountain pen. Better train before the Symposium Urban Sketchers at Barcelone...


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