Holidays homework in Normandy #2 - Waves, illustrated landscape, animals and calligraphy set

Normandy Holidays Homework #2 - spring tide

Normandy Holidays Homework #2 - spring tide pic

Gosh ! My parents live near the beach and I never go there. Except if it's a wild beach, during the spring tide... Happening early this year ! The guys from around gather with their net. I wish them "Fish well" and they get upset : is it bringing bad luck ?

I don't know anything about fishing but I really enjoy to watch them. Wow, quickly buddy, caus' it's true what they say, you know : the tide gets high faster than a race horse ! 

Normandy Holidays Homework #2 - pen dogs

Right, the beach is not my kind of thing. It's more quiet in the garden. Except for the dogs. If you don't fear the slobber, totally sketchable.

First with a pen, only one line, cheeky cheeky, moving creepy-crawlies !
Then with an old calligraphy set. Not ideal for sketching animals, moving too much between you draw and refill ink. Must be better for arquitecture (like Ch'ng Kiah Kiean with his sticks and chinese ink).

Normandy Holidays Homework #2 - ink dogs

Normandy Holidays Homework #2 - ink dogs picNormandy Holidays Homework #2 - pen dogs picNormandy Holidays Homework #2 - my dog's mickey tatoo

Oh yeah ! My dog's got a Mickey tatoo !
You rock, baby !

Oh well, they didn't dribble too much on my sketchbook...Normandy Holidays Homework #2 - Horizon pic

Another challenge : drawing the village's gossip in a landscape.
First of all, we see the snob place Trouville - Deauville on the hill in front : there are supermarkets and low rent houses. All right, there are also porsches down the street in the valley. 
Up on the in-front ill, Gérard Depardieu is said to build a house. It's obvious mussels and fries are much better here, anyway !

Between the two hills, nothing, too fragile : the sea used to wave here before ! How dig she get so far away ? Mistery...
Down the street, there's a river where Eugène Boudin and Claude Monet used to paint. I should go back there, last time I saw a fox...

Normandy Holidays Homework #2 - Horizon

Tonight, won at poker again : good weather, let's go sunset picnic !
Little story by the way, in these bunkers, there were only old german chaps playing cards near their false canons... "They'd never land in Normandy" they said... Can't imagine their face when the horizon darkened with the allies boats... The American pilot who bombed the zone came some years ago, he couldn't believe it !  

Normandy Holidays Homework #2 - Bunker sunset pic 2Normandy Holidays Homework #2 - Bunker sunset pic 1
Normandy Holidays Homework #2 - Bunker sunset


Unknown said...

Fabulous sketches.

Yes your dog is totally cool!

Emily Nudd Mitchell said...

Thanks Sue! Yours look gorgeous !