Holidays homework in Normandy #3 - A bit of Impressionnism at Rouen...

Normandy Holidays Homework #3 - Le gros horloge Rouen

You just have to cross the Seine river and hop ! Welcome to the Monet playground, at Rouen, Ladies and Gentlemen !

To cheer this nice moment up, let's listen to the current musical impressionnist : Nicolas Jaar, la Bohème.

I've never been here, neither my mother, what a shame for two women from Normandy ! Maybe a bit of racism between High and Low Normandy. We did well to go to the other side of the water ! (To cross the Seine river, so what, you don't speak Normand dialect ?) 

We discover a fantastic city, full of wonderful arquitecture. And this "Big clock" in the street... Compared to our towns, it looks all saved from the war. We can easily imagine antic time washerwomen and horse breeders passing by.

My mother and I savor each detail even the tobacco red sign made out of glass instead of usual plastic ! My mother offers me a drink at a terrasse and let me time to draw, she's just perfect. We'd wish my sister to be there, so I just drew her next to the clock... Drawing is magic ! 

Normandy Holidays Homework #3 - L'hôtel d'où Monet peignait la Cathédrale de Rouen

A bit further, in front of the cathedral, the hotel where Monet had a room to paint it again and again. Must say he had such a lack of room there, wow ! However, the girls look really smart over here, it sure was the same at his time. Maybe because it's so close to Paris ?  

From out of town, the cathedral looks much bigger !

Normandy Holidays Homework #3 - Rouen a changé depuis le passage de Monet...

Now with my mother we go for the big Impressionnism, Exhibition "Stunning reflections" at the Beaux Arts museum. I try to understand my favourite paintors shapes and marks through my pencils.

Caillebotte'sailor ship is a private painting, we'd probably never see it again ! Renoir's one on the right has got an iron bridge with a locomotive, giving a wrink to Monet, who himself was giving a wrink to Turner...

Normandy Holidays Homework #3 - Trying to understand impressionism marks and shapes...

What I'm still ignoring at this moment is that I'd see the Monet's one in live the day after... Caus' I had never been to Etretat neither !  

Normandy Holidays Homework #3 - Repas de noces (Normandes) par Fourié, MBA de Rouen

Normandy Holidays Homework #3 - Déjeuner dans un tableau à Rouen (Musée des Beaux Arts)

Interval : having lunch on the grass, nearly ! We eat so close to the painting, we feel like taking the little glasses of calvados (Normandy licor)... Congrats to the bride and groom ! 

Normandy Holidays Homework #3 - Repas de noces (Normandes) par Fourié en croquis

Double poker at night : fantastic weather, moon rise and sunset. Is it me or it's not raining anymore in Normandy ?
For the first time in my life, I've seen the same day paintings and the landscapes that inspired them : Normandy has a peculiar light, I'm not surprised they put their easel over here ! 

Normandy Holidays Homework #3 - Moonrise and sunset

On the beach, children wearing pyjamas are playing in front of their house on the beach. What an extraordinary garden !

Normandy Holidays Homework #3 - Children playing at sunset

Hey there, there's another shorter piece of la Bohème by Nicolas Jaar the musical impressionnist !

Ok, right here in Normandy, there's not only impressionnism, there's also race horses. From England, Argentine, Emirates... At night, we can see them beathing at see and running a bit, it's amazing. They're wild and elegant, such a contrast with club horses who galop as a surly herd. 

Normandy Holidays Homework #3 - Race horses spa

Normandy Holidays Homework #3 - Race horses spa

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