Wrecking in an airport

Scheduled "Madrid-Paris" flight : 23th of december at 21 h 30.
It's midnight and still in Madrid. The airport is empty, that's only us. A girl turns nuts and puts her ipod on the staff microphone : turning Barajas into a club, insane and awesome...
Another one shouts : "24th of december, merry christmas !"
Finally, at 1 h 40, a steward announces our boarding... A passenger jumps on him and kisses his cheek gratefully !
Here is what you aim to draw when you pass out dealing with long waiting hours.
My parents are great : they wait for me till 4 h 30, short night on Paris's armchairs...
And I know it so well : I slept here too on 8th of december, when easyjet refused to let me board, even if my ticket was good... Sometimes you feel like going crazy.

During the night at Paris CDG Airport, it gets really cold. The designer who chose the chairs fooled himself, they are so bad to our bodies... I am afraid to be robbed, I gather with other wreck passengers. Every 15 minutes, a cleaning machine weaks us up, cleaning team laughs out loud speaking in an eastern language. They remind me Florence Aubenas' book.

At 4 h 00, first employees show up wearing perfect suits.
Easyjet can't do anything for me, seems there has been a mistake... But if I want to fly home, I can buy a new ticket : 100 euros instead of 30. What do you think of Paris-Madrid train ?
28th of december : waiting for my flight Paris-Madrid. Same same.
A cloud in Casablanca and our flight is delayed. Pff, they can tell me anything they want, I am resigned. "A martian ate our aircraft's right wing and it needs to be fixed." Ok...
Even hostesses crack up. Such an office !
They know when they leave home, but they don't know when they'll be back.
1 h 30 am : we finally reach Madrid, 3 hours delayed, not so bad ! Except the pilot refuses to go further on tarmac because of "rubbish", he says. Big sigh in the aircraft...

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