Workshops with Emily Nudd-Mitchell
> Photo Mélanie Bisel - Médiathèque de l'Institut Français de Madrid (Spain)

I'd like to share my art with you :

How to prepare a Workshop ?
  • It's better to check the author's work before : the group will have questions and will be able to talk about realisations during the work in progress. 
  • The author is always accompanied by the group's tutor, above all if it's a children or teenagers' goup. 
  • The author can host workshops in different places : get the organisation settled before the meeting.
    • The workshop can be hosted for several groups if they are similar, and the room prepared.(enough space, sound, video projector, paper board)
    • Get the equipment settled before the meeting (check the workshop equipment needed). The author needs : paper board, markers, video projector and computer connected)
    • A convention will be signed before each workshop.
    • The fee is paid 60 days maximum after the invoice's date. (2009/1/1 law)
    • Fees of transport, food and accomodation (if needed) are always due to the organizer.

    Here are the fees of my workshops (fee Charte Illustrateurs) :

    Workshop 1/2 day : 246 euros brut 
    Workshop Day : 407 euros brut 
    Training course : ask for a detailed estimate

    I can adapt to your organisation : contact me long before to schedule together the activities. 

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