Sevilla francófona

Thanks to Consulat général de France à Séville, I showed my trips' Encounters at the Universidad de Filologia de Sevilla - Carmen's place (by Mérimée) :

My friends from Thailand, african children, the writer Atiq Rahimi.

And here too, new encounters : professors of Filología Francesa welcome my portraits in their Patio.

The bookshop La Extravagante presents travel books, thanks to Maite.

It's amazing to show my work here.
I am totally thrilled !

When I was just a little girl, I used to listen to a tale which says :
"Make your dream eat your life, rather than your life eat your dream."
I did it !

Such a big Merci to Elisabeth Berteaud and Victoire Bidegain-Dirosa.

From Madrid to Sevilla, I never stopped drawing...
Rainy day, Andalucia looks a bit french. I admired exotic vegetation coming from Indias all over the gardens.
Rain made orange trees' flowers fall down. Their sweet perfume dances all around the streets.

At the Fnac, Sevilla's TV asks me to draw their town. I also realise a portrait of people getting ready for the famous Feria de Abril.

All the girls are already looking for their flamenca dress.
Another francophone artist is invited to La semana de la Francofonìa:
Dominique A!
He presents a gorgeous voice, Laetitia Velma.
The two poets and musicians share so many emotions with us, a huge live event !

Last meeting at Sevilla : an old man telling his life over Europe, travelling with daughter and wife in his truck.
"Oh la la, northern Europe doesn't know olive oil, hein. Only butter ! Never got used to eat, but still eat it. Look how fatty I am."

On the left, moucharabieh decorated windows of cathedral's Giralda.

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