Even if I have to stay at home to work, I can see what's going on with the spanish spontaneous demonstration on internet. Pacific and technologic revolution. And touching.

I am drawing here what I see through Spanish demonstration's live webcam, turning around Sol square's roofs.

This is to show internet gives now life to demonstrations, thanks to modern technology. I've been living in several countries where movments showed up: internet has been a big part of success. Above all in Egypt where censorship was so important. This is the era we are living in.

They've been watching Spanish movment in France and now they are thinking of doing it too. I have just spoken about it now on French national Radio, in an interview with "génération précaire".

You can have a look at Sol TV :

Everything began with Stéphane Hessel's best seller book "Indignez-vous !". This 93 years old resistant of WWII reminds us that he has fought for our rights, and we are loosing them without saying anything. He shouts out loud "Indignation!".

He came to present his book in Spain, which has been a great success, and people now decide to follow his advice. He said he is happy about the spanish movment.
Interview Stéphane Hessel here.

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