Acampada - Puerta del Sol - Madrid

La acampada - Madrid's apolitic camping group.

A spokesman says : "Everybody should know we are here to get what we want to get."
In the speakers :
" Prevent yourself from sun, it's hot. Drink water, alcohol is bad. We can be something else than generation botellon*"

*Botellon : square night meetings to speak and drink.On the square, I meet a French radio journalist. She asks me to translate her questions.

She interviews David :
"I am 39. I live at my parents' place, it's easier for me than sharing other's flat. I can't figure out my life, neither with somebody nor by myself. How could I with only 1000 euros ?
What does future mean to me ? That would be still having my job tomorrow, at list..." He's nearly crying.

The square is well organised, they even made a map of the campment.

Now they had to leave, but they still meet and think of changing and demonstrate together all over Spain.

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