Yacine and Marion in the train, Avignon Centre (South of France)

Yacine and Marion, 20, my train neighbours till Vitrolles (near Marsella).
The proof we try to get by.

- I haven't received his documents yet. Ok, I call him right now.
"Hey Farid, we have an appointment tomorrow at 8am for the flat. So you have to be there with your ID, your income, everything, ok ? See ya there."

- Hey, lady, you ain't like me to put my feet on the seat ? You work for the train company ? Are they hiring people these days ? I will go for it ! I want to work ! But do they check if you have any police record ?

- Allo Johnny ? Hi, I need to work before Monday. I'll come to the agency. A job at the old dock for one week ? Ok. Bye !
Holy shit, I've got a job for next week ! (joyful and moved voice)

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