Children bookfair in France

Orthez. Right between Spain and France.
You can feel both of them, strong impression...

Even in the hotel, you feel like in Madrid :)
It's been designed by an "aficion" (spanish culture fan).

At the bookfair, you can hear Bearnese speaking.
Even a little girl speaking basque.
And musicians singing in Gascon...
A little girl comes by, I draw her, and Tada ! I create a universe just for her !
Last drawing of the next bookstand's hostess, before a short stop at Bordeaux on my way to Madrid.
Meeting a kosovar in a church.
"Me Emilio, 2000 kms, no family here, no food."
I give him madeleines biscuits I wanted to bring home.
Even Proust can be shared.
Last look at Bordeaux.
No wonder why it's Patrimony.

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