Extremadura's colors

Extremadura's colors, in perfect harmony with nature and human buildings. Good model!
Olive green, red ground, burgundy vineyards, yellow fields...
Even in the rain !
Out of Spain, we usually think this country comes with seaside and eternal sunshine. Doesn't work ! Going to the south, nearly till the portuguese border, you cross high mountains in an eternal rainfall : end of n°1 cliché.
In the morning, be brave : pour your breakfast in coffee. There's nothing to laugh about "migas", which are fried bread crumbs served with entire garlic and pepper.
And guess what : it's delicious !

Teacher's Formation Centre in Zafra.
I give a workshop to teachers from Zafra and surroundings. We work in French on the town's details. Drawing can be a good and funny way to discover our everyday's atmosphere. Good to use with their students !
During the long southern morning, the rain was so strong I had to shelter in churches. Church is not the right word for those gorgeous abbeys, huge convents, decorated by mudejar artists (those who converted to catholicism to stay after muslims had to leave Spain). Great orientalist castles where you can see the Christ under a magnificient stucco sculpted ceiling, surrounded by the wrotten decoratively sentence "Allah is great."

Besides, do you know how to say "may the peace be with you" in arabic? "Salam Aleikoum", the sentence we repeat at the catholic church. Everything meets up.
Difficult to organise a workshop in the storm.
El parador, the hotel-castle of Zafra, offers us to open their doors for us: we discover two wonderful rooms, the chapel and the nuptial suite, full of fantastic mudejar art. No one would guess which treasures the seem-to-be simple Zafra's houses hide behind their white wall.
But the most amazing thing is to feel like being in Yemen. In Spain !
During the VIII century, many arabs came from Yemen following Caliph Abdel Rahmane, excluded from Bagdad and settling in "a fertile and heavenly place at the end of Mediterranean See."
Zafra is such a magic city, you can't miss it !
I already had shared a great workshop with teachers at the CRP of Zafra last year : drawings here.

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