On my way to Saragosse.
I'm going to give a workshop at l'Institut Français.

Let's have a coffee before departure.
A young guy pays his own with 50 euros notes.
There is no obligation to stay on earth, as we say in France !
The train leaves crossing an amazing sunrise...

L'Institut français de Saragosse is so warm, well settled in a fantastic place. Beautiful pieces of earthenware on walls and floors...

What a nice place to exhibit extracts of my book "Los viajes", organised by the French Embassy.

We begin the workshop downtown : a square destroyed by Napoléon...
As it is quite cold, we go on in an original bar. Modern lamps mixed with colums: perfect exercise to set up the decor, people and collages...
On the afternoon, I meet Clara Marta and De vuelta con el cuaderno. We draw somptuous arabic churches. Saragosse hides amazing mudejar art !

And the Plata !

Going to Saragosse missing the Plata, this strip-tease "estilo movida"cabaret, would be like going to Venice missing gondoles...
Fantastic show !

Flamenco is what I prefered.

Sometimes it's so fantastic, we just watch and forget to draw it!
We have to go back to Saragosse...
(I had already been there : have a look here !)

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