Huge Strike after French School workshop in Madrid

Black Thursday in Madrid...
Huge strike. And no train, stucked in suburb...
Two women by my side comment our wreck:
"Do you think the computers' team is working today ? 
- Maybe Isabelle told them to go home too, as there's nobody at all ! I know the underground is open, my daughter told me. Do you believe I got up early to come ! And how I let my kitchen... And my bed... And I can't tell you about my bathroom, but it's all knackered anyway ! 
Hey, when are you leaving for Easter, on Friday already ? 
- Yes, my son will miss a match. His trainer shouldn't say anything or he'll see ! Hey, did Paquito give you his lamb reciepe ? It's awesome !"

Golden Wednesday !
Luckily, no transport problem to reach the French School on Wednesday, where I gave a workshop about Afrique, droit à l'enfance and En route vers Bagdad...
The 5èmes are going to realise an illustrated story about Africa, there will be an expo : I can't wait to see the result !!!

On my way back, we meet in the same metro ! I can't resist to portrait them !
On the left page, almond trees' flowers at the Quinta de los molinos park, in Madrid.

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