To a new Oasis

Almeria's Studios (Andalousia, Spain) : 
"The good, the bad and the ugly", it was here !

Summer time...
It's time to play in a nomad's way and start the camels !

Actually, my scanner is still on a camel's back on its way from Madrid to Lyon, my new oasis. Meanwhile, here are some drawings of a place where summer must be so good :) 
Welcome to Almeria !
After crossing a big olive trees sea,
red lands and burnt deserts
which definitely look like Yemen,
you arrive to the seaside :
the Sea ! And jasmine... Can you feel it ?
In the morning, fantastic characters come along the beach.
This woman for example. She tells her dog's "going crazy in the sea, at the beginning she didn't want any, but as she doesn't get on well with her boyfriend..." 
A bridge similar to the Kwai river's one goes through the town : a real industrial vestige.

And just down the street, there's a Maya catching people's eye : a young girl wearing the traditionnal dress and flowers in the hair, collecting money to buy sweets ! 
Almeria's girls wear their best dress in May to become the most pretty one of the block... The Maya.
They also vote for the best "cruces", 
crosses full of flowers and colourfull veils !
Children go around crosses,
wearing old fashioned clothes...
If you go to the arabic castle Alcazaba, just at sunset, you'd see the swallows playing with the sea wind in the evening light. 
We speak a lot here about pork delicatessen, seafood, fish soups and live shells we eat just like that...
The Entremares and BonilloPichon, bar after bar, we eat, we drink, and above all we speak, we get news from everyone. Here we have the sense of the others.
A human sense, a sense of life.
A friend of mine guides me in his town. We draw the cafés' decors, above all the concerts of jazz. Today there's a Scandinavian group playing, and the battery guy makes the arrangements with his own mouth, awesome !

Hop, to end, a little dog drawn without watching the pad :)
He didn't even move !

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