The girls' smile...

Today, I'm taking out stuff from my boxes (just moved in). I discover little treasures - bracelets and rings - that girls offered me. 
Some grigris for me to remember them, and it works. 
I usually put them on to give me strength. Caus' they usually had so much of it, strength. 
Mariama, Senegal... we used to select corn grains and she sang Tiken Jah Fakoly's songs, laughing. This 17 years old Guinean girl had got married with a Senegalese guy to escape from slavery. 
And Pon Pon whom I used to chat with in Thailand. Burma refugee, teacher, illegal immigrant and always smiling.
Cambodian fantastic dancers, dancing in their wheelchair, because of mines... 
All these girls shared with me their smiles, a great smile, so strong, saying "go on". 

Yemen - My neighbour the little Radi, her mother, her grandmother... 
The little Radi's neighbour, in Yemen, gave me a ring. When I see it, I see her : behind her big black veil, a shiny smile.

And sometimes it becomes a smile for others, like a fantastic butterfly effect...
Just found back this on my old blog: 

"Rosario on April 14, 2009 13:06
I am so happy since I have discovered Emily's drawings by chance. I am buying her book, visiting her webpage... Her drawings are so nice, and her texts too... My daughter is a teenager, she's got some little problems, and I finally communicate with her thanks to Emily's drawings. I hope it will help us. They make her so pleased. Thank you..."

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