Plan B Operation : Making a Sketchbook !

Yesterday, I was on my way for 15 days of holidays, and my neighbour in the train was a gorgeous woman. Wishing to draw her, I open my bag to get my drawing stuff, but oh my god, for the first time of my life I forgot my sketchbook !

Straight away this morning, I launch the B plan Operation : let's build a sketchbook !

Step 1 : Collection of "a bit of everything" material, we'll see...

Step 2 : Restructuration of the wooden fruit box, 
keeping the essential part of it, a stiff sketchbook cover !

Step 3 : perfect time to try another technique, wrinkled sketchbook, yes !

Step 4 : the salty taste, a craft cover made with the bag found at the ironmonger's...

That's it ! Fantastic inauguration at the bar of friends, an institution, THE bar of Trouville's fishermen where there's always something going on, where it smells good boat's fuel and calvados liqueur to recover, where we always laugh out loud, coarsely hiting the belly.


Jublaq said...

Hahaha! Tu as sacrément bien réagi dis donc !

Emily Nudd Mitchell said...

Oui, une expérience amusante finalement :)