Arts Museum, Lyon - Exhibition Metissages, Denise and Michel Meynet

Lyon Panoramic
Lyon is a city full of culture... An open museum. You just have to climb up to the Croix Rousse block to see the beauty of this jewel.  

And if there's art, there's artists. Drawers from Lyon offer me to go up there and draw the panorama. That's the perfect moment to remember Simonetta Capecchi et Claudio Patané tips !
Perspective, atmospheric depth and "urban sum-up"... 

A nice moment to share sun, tips and drawing. That's the Urban Sketchers spirit !

So we met again at the museum ! 

Exhibition Metissages...
A couple of patrons from Lyon shares with us its mixed collection: contemporary artworks joining daily japanese tools, pieces of fabric with african spears...

But the most incredible must be the series of...  chalets from Switzerland!
Hope you can visit it. 

I was lucky to be at the Lecture about the organisation of the exhibition. We meet collectors Denise et Michel Meynet, and Salima who's in charge of the museum.

From the little flat to the museum, not so easy to move the artworks in the tiny lifts. The collectors couple don't see itself as "making series", but Salima shows them it's more organised than they think.  

For example, a black and white print goes well with a black and white woman sculpture. They also discover many artworks have bodies without heads, or heads without bodies. It really looks like an artistic psychonalysis... 

The most impressive moment is to hear from the collectors themselves the "Why this?".

Expo Metissages-MBA-Lyon-Michel-Denise-Salima

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