Festival BD Décines - Comic workshop with teenagers


At M. Bastié High School, groups of teenagers realise comics about inmigration in France. Several stories touch them directly, in their family...  

Here above, I realised portraits of 4 of them, memory, as we usually take the same bus. (Actually feet and left page are from underground, on my way to this workshop.)

With their teachers Mme Ben Youssef and Mme Garat, they look for information about their family story, but also dangers of the inmigration road, and difficulties when arriving in France.

Here, Clara and Georges' work : Clara's grand father left fascist Italy. We can see on the left the written work they made before my workshop, and then the Comic in progress.

Turkey : they speak about Tulin's grand father. Their comic is written in german to add language practice. 

Maëlys speaks a lot with her tunisian grand father and writes down his testimony in a beautiful notebook, where she also sticks photos. They decided to duplicate some pictures to add realism to their comic.  

Sahar's parents arrived in France from Pakistan after crossing Germany. 

Another story with a different characte : a woman, arriving with a working licence.

They finally speak about dangers of clandestines, during their trip and then living in France. 

These comics are well documented, with suspense and humour, and they allow these children of inmigration to keep their story. Beautiful result, touching and interesting.  

Congrats to the 14 years old students of M. Bastié High School and their teachers. It's really the promise at dawn.*

* Novel by Romain Gary, about his childhood inmigrating to France with his mother. This inmigrate child won twice the Litterature Goncourt Award...

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