Sketchcrawl : Sketching exercices


1 : Characters and costumes.

Exercices :
- Capture movement of a baby,
- Draw a character with watercolour splash,
- Contrast the character.

Finally, it's much more observation, even drawing without watching the paper to get a realistic result as much as possible. To contrast, no black, only bright colors, works better. It was funny to draw anachronisms (cigarettes, glasses, i phones...)


2 : river panorama.

Exercice : giving life to a landscape which has no perspective at all. Used the bridge and street along, bright colors again. Left the white buildings in front nude, no window ! Put a shadow under the bridge to finish the perspective. 


3 : skaters.

Exercice : movement.

Change of tools, watercolour pencils slide quicker over paper. I had to watch several times the same movement to understand it and then draw it.  


4 : Saint Georges

Exercice : perspective.

Beginning with the roofs to be sure to fit in paper. Details of roofs and windows on the front builing, no detail at all on the perspective buildings. I will put them directly with watercolour if I paint it. Characters and urban fourniture suggest life in the drawing. 



Unknown said...

Me gusta mucho, todo lleno e vida. Muy interesantes los ejercicios.

Unknown said...

Comme Miguel, je trouve les exercices super interessants. Et inspirants.