Indignants - 15M, already 2 years anniversary

Madrid C/ San Bernardo

I didn't plan it, but I'm in Madrid for the 15 M's anniversary. And it seems all really quiet. People seem more tense than last summer when I left though. Still, when the evening comes with a big football match between Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid, the whole town lights up and the bars get pretty full.

Madrid gana Atleti

The speaker shouts on TV "Maximum tension here in Madrid !" Just like in the book "Yo Precario" by Javier Lopez Menacho, we don't know if we speak about daily life or football. Maybe people just want to forget daily life for a while. It's 15 M anniversary, but you can't see it actually. I can hear in the street "we're no more indignants, we're just resigned." It seems more complicated, too complicated. It's heavy in the air. 

Madrid DRY Conferencias

The theatre where they "celebrate" the 15 M anniversary is not really full. Yesterday night, Atleti team won the match. At Puerta del sol, there are more Atleti red stripes floating than indignants demonstrations. 

Anyway, Democracia Real Ya organised really interesting conferences : decrypting the press and photo effects, democratic italian movement Unica Vox and 23 F coup d'état... The public also shows some red stripes, Atleti's here too. But there's also a blue and white stripes flag, Greece invited herself to the 15 M, discreetly. 

Madrid DRY Conferencias

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