Holidays homework in Normandy #4 - Trouville, ink and color boats, portraits and mojidos...

Normandy Holidays Homework #4 - Trouville Le bar des amis

Today let's listen to something special from Normandy !

Down at Trouville there's a fish market with a beautiful arquitecture. (I'll draw it next time, for now you can enjoy the recipe of its whelks mayonnaise and the now famous calvados mojito called mojidos: have a try...)

At the fish market, my favourite place is the bar opposite, so tiny between the souvenirs shops. This bar is always full of fishermen and local people having a typical breakfast (whelks and cidre, fine...)

Wow, the boss comes along and says "Hi there ! I've seen you here before with your paintings!" Then he asks me to draw his bar, 3 hours of fun.

Checking the proprtions with my pencil and my rubber (just like Gérard Michel and Fabien Denoël from Belgium), really patiently, so patiently that when I put the ink on it, people have already changed several times : one of them asks me why I drew him as a girl ! 

Normandy Holidays Homework #4 - Trouville Le bar des amis work in progress

Then I put the watercolour on it, really softly as the paper is thin. Less water, stronger colours. People who went away, let's do them from memory. I finish it at eating time, the market is about to close, and everybody goes home. The bar will close at 19h actually, early ! 

NoNormandy Holidays Homework #4 - Trouville Le bar des amis my favrmandy Holidays Homework #4 -

From the terrasse we can see the trawlers. I try to capture the details with several techniques. Drawing series helps domesticate complicated things... 

The one on the upper right has received a special oil treat (from the oil bottle I'll draw, see below...) The accident is not that bad, oil gives softness to colours and paper, but you ought to putting some paper to protect the whole sketchbook from this dripping drawing... 

On the lower left, Trouville's rubbishmen are totally green. Horses deserve a wash drawing...
Next to me at bar, there are some guys from Paris who came just for the day to play at horses races. It's been like this the whole summer : people prefered to enjoy one day at the seaside than long and expensive holidays. Maybe it's been because of exeptional weather...

Normandy Holidays Homework #4 - Trouville fishermen and garbage horses

After domesticating the creature, give a try to the big portrait with waves and reflections and all... 

Normandy Holidays Homework #4 - Trouville fishboat and harbourNormandy Holidays Homework #4 - Trouville fishboat and harbour

From above Trouville you can see the beach and Marguerite Duras house in front of the sea. She used to say she'd never go out, only write. I try to draw with the Veronica Lawlor technique : "just play with ink and line, colour and forms, all what you want..."

Some guy arrives and throws a bunch of marguerites to a Juliet on her balcony. It's such a city of literature heroes ! Proust house is just down the street, I will draw it one day... 

Normandy Holidays Homework #4 - Trouville Romeo Juliette and Marguerite (Duras)

My brother lives in China with his wife. I missed their last visit. I can now see them a bit through the things they leave after each visit.

Daily life things, like synthetic-fur-lined boots to be at ease (Schenzhen is much more tropical... Except this, in 1980 it used to be a fishermen village too : it's been changing a bit...)

Chinese papers and books, make-up and hair oil (the one good also for drawings, see higher up...) and several things to make tea... When people you love live so far away, daily life is moving, so emotional at last.

Normandy Holidays Homework #4 - Chinoiseries my brother and sis'inlawNormandy Holidays Homework #4 - Chinoiseries my brother and sis'inlaw

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