Emily Nudd Mitchell:
This young traveller draws the roads with watercolours ! She studied at Emile Cohl Art School in France, then began to cross countries. It's nice to share her beautiful sketchbooks, a brand new vision of the world.

After Middle East and Madrid, she's going to teach at Art School Ecohlcité in Lyon (France). She dedicates herself to writing, illustrating and teaching. She also visits her family all around the world...

Would you like to share art tips and experiences ? 
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Jacek Krenz said...

I a big fan of your drawings and watercolors, so amazingly original and inspirational! Pity we did not get closer at Lisbon Symposium in July.

Emily Nudd Mitchell said...

Hi Jacek ! In fact we spoke before a lecture :) I admire your work too and I was really happy to sit near you and get the opportunity to have a look at your sketchbook ! If you come to Madrid, please let me know !