Friends' bar

In Normandy, the Friends' bar is full of fishermen after tide. When I came back from Middle-East, I went there to enjoy my first beer after six months on an only tea diet. It's been my pilgrimage since then. You'll always find astonishing people here. This time, two women around a kir (withe wine with raspberry liqueur)...
"Hey, we're going to have our little sea therapy. You didn't forget the knife ? Or we'll use a key. Ah la la ! Delicious! But it's so difficult to reach the bottom of this shellfish, when it's the best of course ! Pull, pull ! Got it ! Hmmm ! So well spiced !"
The boss of the bar comes around. In France, no food with your drink. It's normal that clients bring their own then. Even the boss can join : "Enjoy, ladies ! Is there a bit of seashells for me ?"
"Of course ! Take E-the* knife !"
*In Normandy we say "eeel" instead of "le".

In Dives, we celebrate Normandy's millenium (It was full of English people by the way). As there is a fantastic comic shop in this little fishermen's village (Baie des bulles), they invited the illustrator of the comic 1066. You can see the work (and pictures of Dives !) of Emanuele Tenderini.

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