Intendente Lisbon - Not such a bad area anymore

First time in Lisbon, nearly. Alone.
Intendente, Lisbon's exotic area.
This woman from Pakistan smiles to me.
Not alone anymore !Almiranda Rey, my favourite street.
Old stores, local cook-shops, sprightful talks on the street... And the walls.
Behind the walls, you can hear people. Couples speaking on balcony, having coffee in the morning. An old lady hangs out her stockings to dry. Children from the social centre sing portuguese songs : wonderful.
At noon, cook-shops are full. Soup, stew, cakes. A lot of old people come to eat by themselves. Workers also. Portugueses, Africans, Asiatics, no tourist.
Suddenly, the boss shows my drawing and shouts in English : "Hey, you want people to think only girls work in Portugal ? Where are the waiters and the counter ?" And he gives me a napkin where he's drawn the 3 waiters behind the counter...
In Intendente, there's a park with farmyard animals. Even a peacok who calls his own reflection in a window. And an aggressive duck, the only danger of Intendente, when it's said to be a dangerous area. Rehabilitation seems to work.


Isabel said...

Hola Emily me encantan tus dibujos y las imagenes d elos libros fantásticas, pena que no tuvimos tiempo para hablar mas en Lisboa, un beso Isabel

Emily Nudd Mitchell said...

Gracias Isabel! Até la prosima!