Now we go for the moon...

In Madrid's artists block, Malasaña, new historic signs appear on walls, signed "People of Madrid" :
"Power is scared of us because revolt tends to love..."
"Already got the Sun (Sol), now we go for the moon..."
"Your parents told you 1968, you'll tell your children 2011..."

In Sol, there's still an information point, but it's surrounded by satellites which are not part of the movement. A volunteer tells me : "La acampada is this only green tent. The others are out of it. On the 23rd of July, 23000 people came here walking from the whole country. Not bad ! But we are told to be put out of Sol. We'll go on on internet."

Back from Portugal, we pay much more attention to the movement. The situation is worse overthere.

ONG's are surprised that in Irak, debt was called odious and just cancelled like this.
Meanwhile, the problem is huge out of Europe :

Carlotta TOFANI's pictures - Followed the whole movement in Acampada Sol - Madrid.

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