Sol - The quiet before the storm

Yesterday, Puerta del Sol, 19 h 30.
Silence all over this normally noisy square, we can even hear the clock's bell, so strange. It's crowdy, but everyone keeps silent, watching what's happening. Never seen this before. The quiet before the storm...

Policemen slowly surround the square. Cleaners are nearly done with destroying 15M's vegetable patch. Increasing emotion.
Indignados suddenly rush in, besides the blocus (including closed subway)

A woman holds tight her baby on her chest. She sings "This, this isn't democracy !"
A cop asks her to go away : "A baby in the demonstration, it's not reasonable !"
The crowd answers : "The shit we let for her, that is not reasonable !"

At last, the woman is evacuated, as the crowd who has to leave.
I'm drawing in the middle of the square, my hand is shaking, such an emotion, when I feel somebody pushing me : police boots us out ! I won't finish my drawing.
With my friend the photographer Carlotta Tofani, we get back to Alcala street. People who live on the street can't go home. Tension...
At last, the demonstration moves to Plaza Mayor.

Today, the police comes back to close the square again.
The policemen surround it. A woman walks quietly silently in front of them with a sign : "Dear cops, they use you and abuse you as much as us. Support us for democratic rights."

Then cops relaxed and unfolded their arms, smiling...
In Madrid, day and night helicopter's noise apart, life goes on, bars are full of people. But around Sol, there is still emotion...

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