Sol - Surrealist...

Sol, blocus on Alcala st., 19 h 30.
Sol square still closed.

A woman stops by the barrier with her daughter, calls someone, then stands silent watching the empty square above cops' shoulders.

Suddenly, a woman wearing a white coat comes by with a little bag. She takes glasses out of it, breaks through policemen's wall and reaches the barrier in front of mother and daughter.
The mother excuses herself : "I came at 3 pm, but no way to reach your store."
The optician : "No problem. Ok girl, let's try these glasses on !" And the optician puts the glasses on the little girl's nose above the barrier, still between two policemen.

"Not bad ! Is it ok for you ?"
The little girl says yes nodding, happy. The mummy pays the optician above the barrier. It looks like a war movie scene...

People around watch it pretty shocked, smiling nervously, thinking : "Surrealist !" They take out their mobile and tell it on facebook and twitter.
Bip bip bip, people don't only speak out loud, they send their ideas in the air...

At night, at the outdoor movies, they show Quadrophenia by The Who.
At the beginning of the movie, the technician puts on the wrong subtitles.
And that's how we discover that 15M has become a language : public uses the 15M assemblies language to express it. Later, the film shows fights between people and cops : huge silence in the public. Police helicopter every 5 minutes above us reminds us there's a cold war atmosphere over here.

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