An Antarctic post for this polar wind

Dear Françoise,
As there is such a polar wind blowing through Europe, I draw your office, the most beautiful office in the world : the ice field.

I'd like to thank you for sending me a greeting card. It arrived just at the beginning of january. What a surprise to notice the sending day : October, 25th !!! The postman is not coming everyday on the South Pole...
Fantastic detail, you got your own stamp : a penguin, of course ! 
Thank you so much for sending me a picture of your "house", under a magnificient aurora borealis.  
It must be such an experience to live in the Antarctic Base, to share moments over there with people and animals, and realise a dream.
I really enjoy to follow you on your blog : your stories are really nice and your pictures allow us to see where you live, your everyday life with penguins Adélie, adventure !!!

I also enjoy the baker's blog, faipacho (itscold) !!! How does he dare preparing you ice creams ??? And his religieuses with chocolate in a penguin shape seem to be delicious : mancholigieuses, miam miam :)

Dear Françoise, 
when you'll be back in Europe, where the blizzard is blowing nowadays, which could be a nice hot sirocco for you, I hope you'll pass by, down in Madrid. We will have a white wine at the Venencia to celebrate !


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