Urban Sketchers Symposium - My sketches in the book

By mail arrived from Portugal a fantastic book, wrapped in a Portuguese mail paper.

With this wrapping paper full of Lisbon's sun, its magnificient logotype of a messenger centaur, a little bit of Eduardo Salavisa's writing and my memories of Lisbon, I made a collage to say thank you... 
Thank you Urban Sketchers, Thank you Eduardo Salavisa :)
I discover my copy of Urban sketchers in Lisbon - Drawing the city. (July 2011 workshops) 
A 3 days workshops digest made of our production downtown, in Lisbon. 

 I also discover 3 drawings of mine published in it : 

 - Capting movement - 
with Eduardo Salavisa y Monica Cid. 

 - Lisbon ruins -
with Clara Marta y Guida Casella. 

- Urban Ethnology -
with Joao Ramos

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