Madrilene Epiphany, again !

 Lara Theatre - Malasaña Madrid
"Venecia bajo la nieve"
A play about neo-urbans...

Maravillas Theatre - Malasaña Madrid
A comedy about the end of ETA...

And in both of these spanish comedies, the first ones I see in my whole life, they make such a caricature of French girls...

Audiences are different whether you go to a musical show or theatre. I prefer to draw in a musical show audience.

The last drawing is usually the best :
The hand, the eye feel more confident.
They say it's the hand and not the eye which orders to the brain : "I want to draw this !"

Going to the Prado (and just before meeting Sorolla again, hmmm!), I stop by a tourists' guitar player.
Tourists' guitar player, good. Really good one.
 The inconsolable
A marble sculpture, full of delicacy :
How could the sculptor manage such a fantastic tracery of fingers, so delicate... With marble...

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