Holidays homework in Normandy #1 - Bic, pilot fountain pen and tubes watercolours

Normandy day 1 - Paris Station Pianist

Two hours at Paris station between two trains...
I was afraid to get bored, my mistake, the French trains company has set pianos for passengers to play. "Your turn to play", they call it. We're lucky, today's passenger is a great musician, and nothing can stop him ! The other passengers do stop by, as hypnotized, so do I...

Normandy - Day 1 - Paris station

My turn to play. First one following the music, straight away with the calligraphic fountain pen. Only one line, to be able to catch an eye on the pianist movements and the other eye on my little suitcases. Standing up, what an organisation to draw, anyway, it's worth it ! 

This guy is such a magician, makes everybody's day ! I can see at least 30 people of all ages around him, stuck with admiration. Even an old chap tiptapping his fingers on his trousers following Adèle : incredible !
At last a young guy puts slowly his arm around the lady next to him, not just a friend anymore : might want to thank the train company for once in his life !  

Normandy - Day 1 - Paris station

A bit of Bic classic 4 colours, mixing without mixing, keep it clear, big program !  
Wow, nearly lost my train !

Normandy - Day 1 - Train

Draw the passengers on the quiet, their reflection appears upside down in the luggage cristal shelf above us... Give a try to shiny black hair and glasses with black tint blocks, only one line...

Normandy day 1 - Sunset

Catch up with the summer tradition of sunset picnics, which is always a poker bluffing party in Normandy. If the weather is nice, we can even see the Jules Verne green ray. I only saw it once this year.  

Normandy - Day 1 - Sunset

Open up the Sennelier tubes. Veronese green is just perfect for the sea. Shari Blaukopf triad colours are great for the sky : aureolin yellow, alizarin crimson, ultramarin blue.

On the hill, cardons so-called "witch brushes" in spanish ! Great cosmetic and therapeutic tool for the old times doctor-ladies. Off the shore, oil tankers wait quietly for traders to lower the prices before they join the Havre harbour.


Unknown said...

Love your drawings! Specially the ones from the train station.

Emily Nudd Mitchell said...

Thanks Beliza, I really enjoyed the piano, so surprising in a train station !